During the tournament the following facilities will be present in our sports venue. For your convenience we have also listed some lodging possibilities in the region.


Landal: De Lommerbergen te Reuver
Vakantiepark de Berckt Baarlo
Groepsaccomodatie In de Vlinderkes Arcen
Groepsaccomodatie & hostel Lingsfort Arcen



During the tournament a varied catering will be present with pasta, healthy sanwiches, and more. All participants also receive a free bowl of soup.


Throughout the tournament a physiotherapist will be present to treat players that have suffered injuries.


In the sports venue a badmintonshop will be setup where you can buy badmintonclothing, shoes, rackets, and more.


At the badmintonshop that is present during the tournament a stringing-service is available for participants.