Junior Master Circuit (JM)

The Junior Master Circuit is a circuit of twelve tournaments played throughout The Netherlands that is concluded by the Junior Master Final. The circuit is meant for advanced badmintonplayers and is played from september until may. The circuit Het circuit consists of four age categories: U11, U13, U15 en U17. At each tournament points can be collected for the Junior Master Ranking. The singles event of all tournaments in the circuit is always structured as a group stage (qualification) followed by an elimination event.


After each tournament the ranking is calculated and published on the website of the Dutch Badminton Association.

Junior Master Regulations

Tournaments that are part of the Junior Master Circuit are held to a high organizational standard. At each tournament points can be acquired for both the Junior Master Ranking and the National Junior Ranking Badminton. After the last tournament the final ranking will be calculated. The 11 highest ranking players per category (mens singles and women singles) op this ranking are invited to participate in the Junior Master Final. In addition one player per category will receive a wildcard to play in the event. The winner of this event is declared the winner of the Junior Master Circuit of the season.

Junior Master Cup

The Junior Master Cup is held on saturday during the Dutch Open. At this singles event the winner of the Junior Master Final goes head to head against the highest ranking player on the Junior Master Ranking. If this is the same player the number two of the Junior Master Ranking will be invited to play in the Junior Master Cup.