Tournament regulations


Referee: L. Koekoek referee: 06 – 41226621

Tournament committee: members of BC Olympia ’56

Tournament director: Peter Hermans (Replacement: Tom Verhaegh)

Tournament desk: Pim Verbakel (06 – 1284 2534)


When: 20 & 21 april 2019

Match times: saturday 9:00 – 21:00, sunday 9:00 – 18:00 (conform paragraph 2 section e UR JM 2017/2018)

Sports venue: Sporthal Gülick, De Drink 7, 5932 CP  Tegelen




This tournament is played in accordance with the general match regulations, the tournament regulations and the general rules of the Dutch Badminton Association. In addition the regulations regarding the Junior Master Circuit 2017-2018 are applicable.



1              Players eligible to play

Eligible to play are those who are a member of the Dutch Badminton Association or an organization associated to the Badminton World Federation and befit the following age boundaries.

U17:        born in 2002 or later

U15:        born in 2004 or later

U13:        born in 2006 or later

U11:        born in 2008 or later

2              Tournament structure

  1. All singles events are structured in a group stage (qualification) followed by a main draw (elimination).
  2. If less than 4 entries have been received for a discipline we reserve the right to cancel said discipline.
  3. If less than 85 entries have been received the tournament will be played on saturday only.
  4. If less than 50 entries have been received the tournament will be cancelled.
  5. The tournament will accept entries until a maximum of 375 matches has been reached.
  6. The loser of a match is responsible for counting the next match on the same court or finding someone to take his place (toernooibepalingen, hoofdstuk 3, artikel 2.3.g)

3              Disciplines

Each tournament (U17, U15, U13 and U11) consists of five events: men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles. It is allowed for players to register in different age categories. Players can play a maximum of three events: 1 singles event, 1 doubles event and 1 mixed doubles event.

4              Registration & fees

  1. Dutch players can register solely at (this includes players from National youth selections, RTC, badmintonschools and -academies). Foreign players can also register by e-mail.
  2. If a player is a part of the NYS, an RTC, a School or an Academie then registration needs to take place in accordance with the “instructie inschrijven voor Junior Master toernooien 2014/2015” as drafted by the Dutch Badminton Association. Not complying with this procedure can result in players from said selections facing each other in the first round of the tournament.
  3. Players that are not a member of any selection are required to register in the name of the club they are a member of.
  4. Registrations for doubles and mixed doubles are only valid once both partners have registered at
  5. Registration closes on the 1st of april 2017 at 23:59 or once the maximum amount of matches has been reached.
  6. Registration creates an obligation to pay the entry fees, whether or not a player chooses to participate in the tournament.
  7. The registration fee for our tournament is € 9,00 per discipline or €25,- when a player registers for all three disciplines. This includes the tournament tax of the Dutch Badminton Association, which is € 0,75 per player / per discipline.
  8. The registration fees need to be paid upon arrival in the sports venue before the first match is played.
  9. Players are required to show their union card when they pay their registration fee.

5              Sports venue & match times

  1. All matches are played in Sporthal Gülick, De Drink 7, 5932 CP Tegelen.
  2. All matches on saturday are played between 9:00 – 21:00 and on sunday between 9:00 – 18:00, in accordance with the conditions as set in paragraph 2 section e of the Junior Master Regulations 2017/2018.
  3. The tournament committee reserves the right to change the time scedule of matches if this expedites the general planning of the tournament. Be advised that the time scedule published for the second tournament day is only serves as an indication and that actual times may change depending on the tournament progress during the day.
  4. During both tournament days matches will be played on 10 courts.

6              Player presence

  1. A player needs to be present and ‘game ready’ at the sports venue 30 minutes before the start of his match.
  2. If a player wants to leave the sports venue during the tournament he needs to ask for permission at match control.
  3. During both days a physiotherapist will be present in the sports venue.

7              Shuttles

  1. Players can play with all feather shuttles approved by the Dutch Badminton Association (with a minimum of category B)
  2. If player differ of opinion about the brand or type of shuttle the match will be played with the tournament shuttle: Carlton GT 1.
  3. The official tournamentshuttle can be bought at match control at € 2,20 p/shuttle.
  4. The tournament committee reserves the right to change the pricing of the shuttles in accordance with the market price.

8              Seeding and draw

  1. The seeding is conducted by the Landelijke Commissie Wedstrijdzaken (LCW).
  2. The seeding does not necessarily represent the current ranking of the Junior Master Circuit in the various age categories.
  3. The draw is conducted electronically by the independent draw referee appointed by the Dutch Badminton Association.
  4. The draw will be published on the 18th of april at the latest via
  5. Once we have created the time scedule players will receive an e-mail with the times of their first match in each discipline.

9              Clothing regulations

Matches have to be played in the following clothing:

  • T-shirt or polo shirt
  • Short (including athletic shorts) or skirt
  • Dress
  • Cycling shorts, provided it is owrn under a short or skirt
  • Sports foorwear and socks
  • Fillet and/or wristbands
  • Bandages and/or medical devices (e.g. a brace).

The regulations regarding advertising at badmintonmatches applies.

10            Footwear

Is it not allowed to play matches with soles that leave marks.
Only indoor shoes are allowed.

11            Prizes

  1. In each discipline first and second prizes are awarded. No third prizes are awarded in any discipline or category.
  2. In the age categories U15 & U17 cash prizes are awarded.
  3. Finalists are required to attend the awards ceremony for their discipline.

12            Photo’s

I (or my guardians in the event that I am still underage) accept that during the tournament photographs can be taken of me in the sports venue and accept that those can be used in the photo gallery of the tournament organization and the Dutch Badminton Association. In addition I accept that said photographs can be used in other means of communication regarding this tournament by the tournament organization and the Dutch Badminton Association. If I do not accept this I will express this by posting the following during the registration process: ‘I do not accept that photographs will be taken of me and I do not accept that photographs will be published’.

13            Liability

The manager of Sporthal Gülick, the town of Venlo, de tournament committee, the tournament director, the Dutch Badminton Association and Badmintonclub Olympia ’56 are not liable for any injuries that occurred during the tournament or for any loss, theft or damage to personal properties of participants or other visitors.